Support MNH48

You could support Yaya, the owner of the website, in various ways.

Why should I support you anyway?

I don’t know. It’s really up to you, I don’t mind if you wouldn’t support me, it’s just that I’ll be more motivated and do more different stuff if I have your support.

I’m a Malay translator for software, plugins, mods, webpages and documents. I’m also the core Malay translator for Minetest, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game engine and game with survival and crafting, and selected mods and contents for Minetest. Besides that, I’m also helping development of some software, plugins, mods and documents in other ways such as debugging or reporting issues.

By supporting me, you show that you appreciate my work. It encourages me to spend more time to do more different stuff and keep on what I have been doing, including the translations and support the effort of global internationalization, to help more people understand more materials. It will also help me cover the costs of hosting my test servers, which I’m using for testing or compiling software, as no one cared about 32-bit Linux computers anymore and my main device is an old netbook from 2010 that has motherboard that only support 32-bit, so I need to use that server (which is 64-bit) to compile software that I want for 32-bit so that I could run them on my device. It will also make me able to resume operation of Malay-specific Minetest server which is currently offline as I don’t have enough fund to run.

Please note that you should support me only if you like what I’ve done so far or if you want to support the effort of global internationalization. Otherwise, you don’t have to support me. :)

How to support you?

There are many ways to support me:

There are a few ways to donate to me:

For bank transfer, donation will be processed through different systems depending on which bank you’re using. For transfer from local or international Maybank bank branches, it will be processed directly through Maybank itself. For local transfer from banks other than Maybank, it will be processed by either IBG GIRO (slower but cheaper) or IBFT (real-time but more expensive), in which you can choose on your side. For international transfer from banks other than Maybank, it will be processed through SWIFT.

For Liberapay and Ko-fi, donation will be processed through Stripe if you choose to use cards, and processed through PayPal if you choose to use PayPal. For Patreon, donation will be processed through Payoneer. For Boost App, Grab Pay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet, donation will be processed by respective application systems. For Maybank ATM and Maybank QRpay, donation will be processed through Maybank itself. All donations, including bank transfers, will end up in my Maybank account.

I use Maybank for my banking needs because Maybank is the most reliable bank in Malaysia and they offer many different account types and card types, including credit, debit, prepaid, and charge cards. Maybank is also the sole issuer of American Express cards for Malaysian customers. Maybank has branches all over Malaysia, in all southeast Asia countries, and additionally in China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UK, US, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, and UAE.

Do note that all bank cards issued in Malaysia, regardless issued by Maybank or other banks, are debit cards with contactless payment by regulation, there is no ATM-only bank cards or so-called “cash cards” in Malaysia anymore, and all card terminals in Malaysia uses both chip and NFC; magnetic strip cards don’t work here.

Send Something

As a people who is into computer science and technology, and also a translator, I will appreciate if you send me something related to computer and languages. However, I will actually accept anything as long as it does not violate postal law and I won’t need to pay for customs. I’m not paying for customs if the item you’re sending to me get stuck in the customs office or import department.

Example of items you can send to me:

To send me softcopy or stuff that could be transferred digitally, you can send them to the email [email protected].

To send me hardware, physical items or letters, please contact me for the instructions.